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Contributor Registration

soundnet songwriter

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor for the Soundnet Music Library. Please note that all your information is kept confidential and we do not share or sell any lists. This site is in public beta and we are building up our library at this time.  We are looking for high quality music / songs / compositions that will appeal to todays musical directors of TV, Film, Ad Agencies, etc.

Contributor Terms:
You own 100% of your music.
You own all your publishing and get 100% of the royalties if placed on TV, Film, etc etc.
We split the initial purchase price 50 / 50.
We pay via paypal at the end of every month as long as the balance is $100 or over.
It does not cost anything to become a contributor.
This is non exclusive so pitch your music wherever you can!

Your music has a great chance of being placed as we are only going to accept 100 contributors at this time.    Please only upload your best material.  We are looking for all styles, moods and feels. The material needs to be professionally recorded and uploaded as 44.1 wav files. We look forward to you coming on board and having a mutually beneficial and great experience!

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